* Nikogosian, Elena, Byurakan Observatory 
The investigation of the very active star formation region in Cygnus OB7 complex 

Sadoyan, Avetis, Yerevan State University

Investigation of Gravitational Wave Sources in Medium Frequency Bend

Ghazaryan, Ara, Yerevan State University

The Effect Of Media On Interaction Of Porphyrins With DNA

Kafadaryan, Yevgenia, Institute for Physical Research
Integration of ferroelectric oxides with lanthanum hexaboride in order to create electron emitters

Sharoyan, Eduard, Institute for Physical Research 
Room-Temperature Molecular Magnetism in Alkaline-Doped Nickel Phthalocyanines

Ohanyan, Vadim, Yerevan State University
Multiple spin exchanges, cubic symmetry and frustrated spin systems.

Dvoyan, Karen, Russian-Armenian State University
Theoretical investigation and modeling of electronic and optical properties of strongly oblate (prolate) ellipsoidal and semi-ellipsoidal quantum dots

Grigoryan, Gayane, Institute for Physical Research
Coherent Interaction Of Ultrashort Laser Pulses With Media

Nikoghosyan, Gor, Institute for Physical Research
Influence Of Atomic Collisions On Quantum Information Processing In Hot Atomic Ensembles

Gevorgyan, Ashot, Yerevan State University
Chiral photonic crystals with anisotropic defect layer

Gevorgyan, Saribek, Institute for Physical Research
Quantum  Fluctuations  Around  The Bifurcation  Point  In  An  Optical  System   With  Intracavity  Four-Wave   Mixing

Ayvazyan, Naira, Yerevan State University
Molecular events associated with Macrovipera lebetina obtusa and Montivipera raddei venom intoxication and condition of biomembranes.

Sukiasyan, Astghik, State Engineering University
Obtaining of biologically active component from Artemisia Absintium L as a natural antioxidant for clinical use

Ghazaryan, Robert, Yerevan State Medical University
Synthesis of New Water-Soluble (Metallo)Porphyrins and Investigation of Their Anticancer Activities in vitro and in vivo.

Hovsepyan, Anichka, Institute of Biotechnology
Perspectives of the application of bacterial melanin as a new phytostimulator

Arakelyan, Marine, Yerevan State University
Survey on the distribution, systematics, and conservation status of terrestrial tortoises (Testudo “graeca”) in the Arax River Valley

Bakhshinyan, Elmira, Real World Real People NGO
Investigation of Health-Seeking Behavior Dependence on the Level of Locus of Control in Armenia

Khudaverdyan, Surik, State Engineering University
Semiconductor Spectrophotometric Biosensor

Gasparyan, Oleg, State Engineering University
Experimental Laboratory Device and Application Package for Study and Design  of Multivariable Feedback Control Systems

Baghdasaryan, Hovik, State Engineering University 
Optimization  Of  Optical  Characteristics  Of  Resonant-Cavity  Light-Emitting  Diodes  (Rcleds) With  Quantum  Well  Active  Layers  And Dbr Mirrors

Ayvazyan, Gagik, State Engineering University 
Electrical Bio-Chemical Sensors Based On Porous Silicon 


Awarded the William Mesrobian Astronomy Award