The 2009 Armen Avanessians ANSEF Awards

Aghababyan Karen, American University of Armenia
The affect of human influence on white storks’ reproduction in Ararat Valley of Armenia

Amiryan Armen, Institute of Hydroecology and Ichthyology, NAS
Assessment Of The Hrazdan River Basin Pollution Through Specific Composition And Morphogenetic Deformations Of Chironomids

Ananikyan Nerses, Yerevan Physics Institute
Critical Behavior, Magnetization Plateaus, Entanglement, Bifurcation Points, and Chaotic States of Spin Systems.

Avetisyan Yuri, Yerevan State University
Modulation Of Terahertz Radiation By Controlling Reflection From Brewster-Angle Gaas Surface With Femtosecond Laser Illumination 

Badalyan Samvel, Yerevan State University
Spin and Many-Body Interaction Phenomena in Semiconductor Nanostructures

Bekaryan Anahit, Independent
The Preparation of the Monograph for Publication BYRON AND THE ARMENIAN REALITY

Boyajyan Anna, Institute of Molecular Biology, NAS
Autoinflammatory Processes In Familial Mediterranean Fever: Pathomechanisms And Treatment

Dvoyan Karen, Russian-Armenian State University
Theoretical Investigation and Modeling of Strongly Oblated Coated Semi-Ellipsoidal (3D) and Semi-Elliptical (2D) Lens Shaped Quantum Dots

Gabrielyan Lilit, Yerevan State University
Study of mechanisms and evolution of pathways to increase the molecular hydrogen production efficiency by Rhodobacter sphaeroides strains isolated from spring waters in Armenia

Gevorgyan Sasun, Yerevan Physics Institute
The influence of glucocorticoids on viscoelastic properties of collagen fibrils

Gevorgyan Ashot, Yerevan State University
Photonic crystals with defects (isotropic or anisotropic)

Harutyunyan Gevorg, Institute Of Applied Problems Of Physics,  NAS
Modeling and Experimental Research on Acoustic Wave-Driven Plasma Processes in the Upper Layers of the Atmosphere

Ishkhanyan Artur, Institute for Physical Research, NAS
Cubic-Nonlinear Quantum Few-State Models

Kafadaryan Yevgenia, Institute for Physical Research, NAS
Development of metal oxide/lanthanum hexaboride cold cathodes

Kokanyan Edvard, Institute for Physical Research, NAS
Hafnium doped stoichiometric lithium niobate crystals – a new way to wavelength-conversion devices

Manvelyan Ruben, Yerevan Physics Institute
Higher spin interacting quantum field theory and higher order conformal invariant Lagrangians

Margaryan Amur, Yerevan Physics Institute
Tagged-Weak pi-Method: a New Tool for Study of Light Hypernuclei by Pionic Decay at JLab 

Markarian Shiraz, Yerevan State University
Molecular Interactions in Sulfoxides Containing Solutions of Biomolecules

Nersessian Armen, Yerevan State University
Geometric quantum mechanical models for nanostructures

* Ohanian Gabriel, Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory
Integral Field Spectroscopy of Different Types Radio Galaxies with Various Linear Sizes

Rostomyan Eduard, Inst. of Radiophys & Electronics, NAS
Beam-Plasma Interaction in Finite External Magnetic Field in Geometry of Plasma Microwave Sources

Sargsyan Mikayel, Yerevan State Engineering University
Investigation of the Strain-stress State of two-layered Plates Made of Piezoactive Materials with the purpose of Creation of Electromechanical Actuators and devices

Shahkhatuni Astghik, National Academy of Sciences
Experimental study of electric field effects on NMR parameters

Trchounian Armen, Yerevan State University
Extremely high frequency electromagnetic radiation effects on bacterial sensitivity to antibiotics: comparative study, possible mechanisms and application

Vardanyan Violetta, Institute for Physical Research, NAS
Development of a Thermoelectric Single-Photon Detector on the basis of (La,Ce)B6 crystals

  * Awarded the William Mesrobian Astronomy Award