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Relationship Of The Sumerian And Egyptian Writing Signs With The Armenian Pictography 

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New Porphyrins Usage Against Fungal And Other Diseases Of Tomato And Pepper 

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Tart Cherries As A Possible High Source Of Antioxidants

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Improvement Of Citric Acid And Its Salts Production Technologies

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A New Antibacterial Preparation Against Infectious Diseases In Birds And Its Application.

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Macrophage Activation Switching As An Asset For The Resolution Of Inflammation During Familial Mediterranean Fever 

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Modeling, Simulation And Optimization Of Pv Pumping System 

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Comprehensive Electrodynamical Simulation Of Optical Properties Of Metamaterial Slab With Complex Permittivity And Permeability 

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P-type Transparent Conducting Zinc Oxide Thin Films And P-n Homojunctions Preparation By Sol-gel Method

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New Zirconium-based Biomaterials 

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Molecular Modeling And Synthesis Of Hiv-1 Rt Inhibitors On The Basis Of 2-aryl Or 2-heteryl Prolins

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High-temperature Molecular Ferromagnetism And Strongly Correlated Superconductivity In Alkaline Doped Zinc And Magnesium Phthalocyanines

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Thermal- And Irradiation-induced Effects In Zno-based Transparent Conductive Films For Optoelectronic Device Applications

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Yang-lee Zeroes And Magnetization Plateaus On Zigzag Ladder With Multi-site Interactions.

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Quantum Cryptography Based On Optical Parametric Devices

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Quantum Superposition States In Controlling Dissipative Dynamics

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Development And Implementation Of A New “l=lambda Zeeman Technique” For Atomic Laser Spectroscopy

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On Pairs Of Disjoint Matchings Of A Graph 

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Science With The Armenian Virtual Observatory

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Reconstraction Of The Bao 1m Schmidt Type Telescope