The 2004 ANSEF Awards

Karapetian Samvel, Research on Armenian Architecture
The History of Nakhijevan 

Shirinian Manea Erna, Institute of Ancient Manuscripts - Matenadaran
The Medieval Encyclopaedia Book of Causes in the Context of Armenian Intellectual History

Adamyan Martin, Institute of Zoology, NAS
Identification and protection of habitats of water bird colonies to restore ornitofauna biodiversity in Armenia

Badalyan S. M., YSU
Establishment & maintanace of fungal culture collection for biotechnological research & usage in Armenia

Jenderedjian Karen, Professional and Entrepreneurial Orientation Union
Mechanisms of qualitative & quantitative development of zooplankton & zoobenthos in two major lakes of Armenia

Grigoryan Karine, Yerevan State University
Herbal medicines from Hawthorn (Crataegus spp): A quality control over the levels and kinds of secondary metabolites

Gyulkhandanyan Grigor V., Institute of Biotechnology
Application of new phtosensitizers against root ROT of corn crops

Karalyan Zaven A, Molecular Biology Institute
Cell response in doploid minimally transformed & transformed cultures on the action of the replicated in cytoplasm RNA viruses

Movsisyan Gagik, Institute of Botany, NAS
The main ways of rehabilitation of the lower level felt forests in North-Eastern Armenia

Sargisova Yelizaveta Grigori, H.Kh.Buniatyan Inst of Biochemistry, NAS
Study on ADA2 isoenzyme & its physiological roles 

Andreasyan Ruben, Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory
The distribution of free electrons in the galaxy 

Arakelyan Valeri, YSU
New Semiconductor Photocatalysts For Photoelectrochemical Converters Of Solar Energy 

Aslanyan Aram, Institute of Radio Physics and Electronics, NAS
Investigations of ionospheric seismogenic irregularities and selected supernova remnnts by radio astronomy methods 

Barseghyan Grigor, International Science and Educational Center, NAS
Hilbert’s ”purely topological” problem 16(a), a problem by Erdősh-Herzog-Piranian, their generalizations and related topics  

Beylerian Norair, YSU
New concept to obtain very high molecular polymers in solution at room temperatures by radical polymerization 

Chatilyan Hakob, Institute of Chemical Physics, NAS
Kinetics of High-Temperature Nitridation of Tantalum and Niobium under the Isothermal and Non-Isothermal Conditions 

Hakopian Susanna, Byurakan Astrophysical observatory
3D-study of SBS galaxies 

Hovhannisyan Vladimir, Yerevan Physics Institute
Application of 2nd harmonic generation & two photon absorption in tissues for fluorescence diagnosis & photodynamic therapy 

Ivanov Nikolay, Yerevan Physics Institute
Azimuthal Asymmetris in Heavy Quark Photo- and Lepto-Production as a Test of pQCD 

Kirakossian Gagik, State Engineering University of Armenia
Automated system for optimal management of technogene resources in ore-mining-processing industry 

Kirakosyan Albert, YSU
Effect of the strain field on the electron states and electron-polar optical phonon interaction in lens-shaped quantum dots 

Mantashyan Adolph A., Institute of Chemical Physics, NAS
Radical-chain reactions for utilization of the SO2 pollutant 

Martirosyan Gevorg Gvidoni, Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, NAS
Obtaining of Carbon Adsorbents from the Fruit Stones Having Enhanced Selective Adsorption of Radioactive Isotopes 

Petrosyan Stepan, YSU
Theory of two-dimensional electron gas field-effect transistor 

Ter-Kazarian Gagik T., Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory
An Activity of Galactic Nuclei and Superdence ¬ìProtomatter” Sources in The Universe