Sargsyan Gagik, Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, NAS
Corpus of Armenian Inscriptions: Completion of the Volume of Kotayk

Petrosian Andranik, Buniatian Institute of Biochemistry, NAS
Comparative Study of the Role of Taurine in the Frog, Rabbit and Rat Retina 

Grigoryan Karine, YSU
Enhancement of Levels of Value-Added Phytopharmaceutical

Davtyan Naira, M.D., Center of Family Planning and Sexual Health
Prevalence of Chlamydia trachomatis infection in pregnant women in Armenia.

Trchounian Armen, YSU
Redox sensing by bacteria: oxidizers, reducers, proton-coupled membrane systems and bacterial growth 

Bagramyan Karine, YSU
Control Of Tuberculosis By Bacterial Cytokines

Mamasakhlisov Yevgeni, YSU
RNA and Proteins folding. 

Sarkisian Tamara, Center of Medical Genetics, NAS
Detection of expression of BORIS gene in cells of patients with breast cancer 

Aramyan Arthur, Institute of Applied Problems of Physics, NAS
Investigations of Acoustic-Wave-Induced Superluminescence Phenomena in an Atmosphere  

Andreasyan Ruben, Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory
The 3-D structure of the magnetic field of the galaxy  

Sedrakyan David Mher, YSU
Gravitational Waves From Relativistic Superdense Stellar Configurations 

Karapetyan Grigori, Yerevan Physics Institute
Development of a novel approach in gravitational wave interferometry 

Martirosyan Garik G., Armenian Institute of Applied Chemistry
Spectroscopy of the Porphyrin Reactions with Nitric Oxides. 

Mikaelyan Aram, State Engineering University of Armenia
Synthesis Of New Pesticides And Higly Effective Preparative Forms On Their Base 

Kryuchkyan Gagik Yurii, YSU
New sources generating entangled bright light beams in application to quantum information technology 

Kuzanyan Armen, Institute for Physical Research 
Highly Thermoelectric (La,Ce)B6 Films for Low-Temperature Applications 

Chernikov Gennady, Engineering Center of Armenia, NAS
Nonlinear optics with surface modes on smooth interfaces 

Melikdzhanian David, Engineering Center of Armenia, NAS
Quantum gases in optical lattices 

Yayloyan Stepan M., Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, NAS
Investigation of the Properties of New Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals for their Application in Electro-Optic, Nonlinear Optic and Other Novel Devices 

Sargsyan David, Insitute for Physical Research, NAS
Atomic Ensemble of Free Rubidium Atoms Confined in an Optical Nano-cell 

Knyazyan Tamara, State Engineering University of Armenia
Correct  and  fast  numerical  simulation  tool  for  one-dimensional  non-linear photonic band gap structures 

Pogosov Valeri, Yerevan Physics Institute
NaI(Tl) crystal for searching for non-barionic Cold Dark Matter (CDM) 

Asatrian Hrachia, Yerevan Physics Institute
The B-meson Rare Decays in the Standard Model and Beyond 

Saharian Aram, YSU
Casimir Densities and Induced Cosmological Constant in Higher Dimensional Braneworlds  

Gevorgyan Gegham, YSU
Basic properties of periodic general Franklin system