The 2003 ANSEF Awards

Samvel Karapetian, Research on Armenian Architecture Institute
The Historical Monuments of Northern Artsakh 

Vahan Baibourtian, Institute of Oriental Studies, NAS
History of Iran from the Ancient Times to 2000 (Armenian communities) 

Adamyan Martin, Institute of Zoology, NAS
To identify and put into effect measures for the protection of the biodiversity of waterbird ornitofauna in Armenia 

Amaryan Gayaneh, Republican Children’s Hospital
Study of Effect of Immuno-Guard on Nitric Oxide, IL-6, and IL-10 Level in Blood Plasma of Children with Familial Mediterranean Fever 

Arevshatyan Sergey, Center for Ecological-Noosphere Studies, NAS
Biochemical assessment of urban treen in relation to environmental pollution monitoring 

Aroutiounian Rouben M., YSU
Creation of the human DNA probes library for molecular cytogenetic monitoring in Armenia 

Darbinyan Vahagn, Erebouni Medical Center, State Medical University
Evaluation of the effect of multiple dose of “chisan” on quality of life and duration of the disease in epileptic patients 

Grigoryan Garnik L., YSU
The modification of natural zeolites, existing in the territory of Armenia, through chemical transportation reaction and their use in CO’s hydration reaction 

Gyulkhandanyan Grigor, Institute of Biotechnology, Ministry of Trade and Economical Development
New photosensitizers usage against infections of agricultural crops 

Manaseryan Nina, Institute of Zoology, NAS
Elaboration of Osteometric Data Base of Subfossil Mammals 

Petrosian Andranik, Institute of Biochemistry, NAS
Study of the role of 11-CIS taurET in the regeneration of the retinal photoreceptor cells 

Vardapetyan Hrachik, YSU
Interaction of hypericins, podophyllotoxins and their derivatives with DNA 

Ananikyan Nerses Sirekan, Yerevan Physics Institute
Phase transitions in terms of complex zeros of the partition function 

Artur Ishkhanyan, Engineering Center, NAS
Optical Contrl of Bose-Eninstein Condensates 

Buniatyan Vahe Vazgeni, State Engineering University
Models of HTSC films RC- and parametric circuits as Applied for CAD of Microwave Integrated Circuits in the regime of non-bolometric absorption of optical power 

Dorunts Artyom, Institute of Chemical Physics, NAS
Synthesis of molybdenum borides under activated combustion mode and their characterization 

Gasparyan Ferdinand Vazgen, YSU
Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of 1/f Noise in Semiconductors 

Ginovyan Mamikon, Institute of Mathematics, NAS
Limit Theorems for Toeplitz Type Quadratic Functionals and Forms and their Applications 

Grigoryan Rita, Institute of Chemical Physics, NAS
Use of natural zeolites of Armenia for creation of catalysts for deactivation of gas wastes 

Martirosyan Suren, State Engineering University
Light Transducer Employing Modified Bilayer Lipid Membrane 

Movsessian Tigran, Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory
Multi-component Investigation of Extragalactic Radio Sources 

Nersessian Armen, YSU
Conventional and noncommutative quantum mechanics in the presence of magnetic field 

Petrosyan Aram M., YSU
Search for new nonlinear optical crystals among L-histidine salts 

Poghosyan Armen, Institute for Physical Research, NAS
Interferometric optical patterning new method for production of periodically poled ferroelectric crystals 

Rostomyan Eduard Vardges, Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics, NAS
Electron-plasma interaction in plasma wake field accelerators 

Vardanyan Yuri, YSU
Quark Matter in Superdense Stellar Objects 

Zalinian Vazgen Petros, Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory
Updating the Control of the Telescope ZTA-2.6