Mouradian, Levon, YSU
Applications of similariton to ultrafast photonics

Danielyan, Kristine, Institute Of Biochemistry, NAS
Correlation between xanthine oxidoreductase and dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase activities in experimental stroke conditions

Hakobyan, Tigran, YSU
Conformal mechanics, Calogero models and related spherical systems

Alaverdyan, Harutyun, SMU
Development of new pain memory model

Sargsyan (Sarkissian), Gor, YSU
Defects in non-rational conformal field theory

Martirosyan, Norayr, SEU
Development of Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis method for multiferroics and ferroelectrics

Aslanyan, Tigran, Institute For Physics Research, NAS
Ferroelectric memory elements based on ferroelectric - transparent conductive oxide mesostructures

Manvelyan, Ruben, Alichanyan National Science Laboratory (YerPhy)
Higher Spin Field Theory Interaction and AdS/CFT

Sharoyan, Svetlana, Institute Of Biochemistry, NAS
Influence of dipeptydil peptidase iv on the formation of fibrils by amyloid peptides

Gazazyan, Emil, Institute For Physics Research, NAS
Information processing in multilevel atomic system

Muzhikyan, Pavel, Institute For Physics Research, NAS
Improving the efficiency of the optical excitation of YAG:Er3+ crystals for 1.55 µm wavelength generation

Aghamalyan, Natella, Institute For Physics Research, NAS
Multifunctional Er2O3 insulator and Er,Li-codoped ZnO semiconductor thin films for visible up-conversion and infrared Er-related photoluminescence

Vartanian, Arshak, YSU
New phonon-assisted carrier relaxation pathways in colloidal core-shell quantum dots in the presence of uniform magnetic and electric fields

*Movsisyan, Tigran, Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory, NAS
Spectro-imagery of Herbig-Haro jets with scanning Fabry-Perot interferometery

Mickaelian, Areg, Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory, NAS
Study of Multiwavelength Properties of Markarian Galaxies using Virtual Observatory

Mkrtchyan, Gohar, Institute Of Molecular Biology, NAS
The role of low-grade inflammation in the pathogenesis of posttraumatic stress disorder

Yeghikyan, Ararat, Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory, NAS
Theoretical investigation of cosmic ray and ultraviolet radiation processing of astrobiologically relevant ices in interstellar molecular clouds

Barseghyan, Artak, Engineering Academy Of Armenia
Water desalination system powered by solar energy

Gabrielyan, Lilit, YSU
Growth stimulation and enhancement of hydrogen photoproduction by Rhodobacter sphaeroides strains from mineral springs by various metal ions”

Ghazaryan, Astghik, YSU
Survey on the distribution, ecology and conservation status of Armenian birch mouse (Sicista armenica) 

Gevorgyan, Sasun, Alichanyan National Science Laboratory (YerPhy)
Physical features of biopolymers: high temperature glassy state and non-equilibrium transitions

Hovhannisyan, Astghik, Molecular Structure Research Center, NAS
Mechanistic study of reaction nitric oxide with models of methemoglobin-nitrite

Mayilyan, Karine, Institute Of Molecular Biology, NAS
The Genetic Diversity of the HLA Region in Schizophrenia: the load on the HLA components involved in brain development and lifespan functioning

Dallakyan, Marine, Institute Of Hydroecology And Ichthyology, NAS
The investigation of the biocenoses which formed in the water-covered areas of Lake Sevan

Bekaryan, Anahit, Institute of Art, NAS
Armenology in Western Europe in the 19th century

 *Awarded the William Mesrobian Astronomy Award