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Exploration Of Creation Principle Of The Brahmi Alphabet

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Evaluation Of Antioxidant Functions Of An Artemisia Absintium L. Extract In Free Radical Oxidizing Processes

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Experimental And Theoretical Studies Of Dialkylsulfoxides Solutions

Halebyan, Ghukas, Biotechnology SRI
Improved Biotransformation Technology For L-alanine Production

Davtyan, Tigran, H. Buniatian Institute Of Biochemistry
Endotoxin Tolerance In Patients With Familial Mediterranean Fever

Jenderedjian, Karen, Professional And Entrepreneurial Orientation Union
Benthos As An Easy Tool For Assessment Of Hazards From Landfills And Tailing Dumps In Surface Waters

Ter-Kazarian, Gagik, Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory
Multi-nuclei Features Of Markarian Galaxies And Physical Mechanisms Beyond

Nikogosian, Elena, Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory
Search And The Proper Motions Of Herbig-haro Objects In The Star Forming Regions 

Mahtesyan, Abraham, Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory
The Influence Of The Surroundings On The Physical Characteristics Of Galaxies In Groups

Hayrapetyan, Sergey, Yerevan State University
Hybrid Polymer-mineral Monolith Columns For High Performance Liquid Chromatography hplc

Shahkhatuni, Astghik, National Academy Of Sciences
Solvent Effects On Molecular Structures Determined By Nmr Spectroscopy In Weakly Aligning Media

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Thermal Conductivity And Lorenz Number Of la,ceb6 Single Crystals

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High Order Qcd Corrections For B-meson Rare Decays

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Energy Relaxation By Multiphonon Processes In Quantum Dots

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Formation Of Ultra-narrow Resonances In Optical Domain