The 2001 ANSEF Awards

Vardanian, Aram, Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, NAS
Coinage of Armenia During the ‘Silver Crisis’ Phenomenon (XI-XIII AD) 

Azizyan, Angela, UNESCO Chair-Life Sciences International Education Center
Genetic Control of Cydia Pomonella in Armenia using Inherited Sterility 

Boyaijian, Anna, Institute of Molecular Biology, NAS
Study of the Involvement of the Immune Response in the Development of Strokes  

Gorodnov, Valerie, L.A. Orbeli Institute of Physiology, NAS
The Properties of Interaction of Synaptic Inputs in Rubrospinal Neurons of the Cat Red Nucleus 

Mkrtchyan, H., Orbeli Institute of Physiology, NAS
Computational Properties and Coding Role of Synapses 

Sargsyan, Davit, YSU
Evaluation of Albendazole Chemotheraphy Efficacy in Prevention of Hydatid Disease Postoperative Recurrences 

Selimyan, Alexander, Institute of Biotechnology, NAS
Research for the Possibility of Usage of Probiotic GAC 101 in the Fish Feed 

Abelyan, Varyzhan, Institute of Microbiology, NAS
Topinambur: Source of High-Value Product 

Apikyan, Samvel, YSU
Intergrability and Duality in Branes, Quantum String and Field Theories  

Bagdassarian, Hovik, State Engineering University of Armenia
Computer Simulation of Non-Uniform Fiber Bragg Gratings for the Needs of Contemporary Fiber Optics Links 

Ishkhanyan, Artur, Engineering Center of Armenia, NAS
Optical Control of Cold Atom Motion 

Khachatryan, G.E., Yerevan Physics Institute
Capabilities of Several Aerobic Strains to Transform 2, 4, 6-Trinitrotoluene  

Khachikyan, Edward, Buarakan Astrophysical Observatory
Radio and Optical Investigations of Extra Galactic Objects 

Kharatyan, Suren, Institute of Chemical Physics, NAS
Processing of Mineral Raw Materials by Application of Advanced Solid Combustion Technology 

Kirakosyan, Ara, YSU
Plant Cell Factories as a Source of Therapeutics 

Mikaelian, Areg, Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory
Study of Starburst/AGN/Interaction Phenomena in IRAS Galaxies 

Minasyan, Varya, Institute of Chemical Physics, NAS
New Approach to Synthesis of Nanostructure Carbides and Influence of Grain Size on Catalytic Activity of Transition Metal Carbides 

Mouradian, Levon, YSU
Non-Linear Optic Process of Fourier Transformation 

Nerkararyan, Khachatur, YSU
Superfocusing and Modulation of Surface Polariton 

Petrosyan, Aram, YSU
Interaction of L-Argenine with Dicarboxilic Acid 

Saharian, Aram, YSU
Dynamics of Higher-Loop String Cosmology and Dilaton Stabilization  

Vardanyan, Irma, Institute of Chemical Physics, NAS
Reactions of H02/R02/Radicals on Salt Aerosols Imitated Surface